Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Jake Ollett

After dipping her toes into stripped-back piano-driven songwriting on 2017 LP SHYNESS, Angela Garrick aka Angie Bermuda aka Angie has picked up the guitar once again to pen a collection of bulldozing rock-and-roll numbers for The Underling. Lead single ‘Blood On My Eyes’ finds Angie with dirt under her fingernails, sweat on her brow and a bit of fire in her gut.

Angie Bermuda has built her career on a sturdy and surly foundation of sawing guitar strums and thuggish punk banditry. From Circle Pit and Southern Comfort to Straight Arrows and Ruined Fortune, Angie has been an undeniable force of nature when strapped with an instrument. The past few years have seen a pivot of sorts as far as sonics are concerned, with 2017’s SHYNESS and 2018’s Compositions For Piano documenting Angie’s foray into sparser territories – contemplative and revelatory piano-led tracks that were gentler but no less impactful. Fans of Angie’s more raucous output needn’t worry about any permanent departure from riff-heavy work – this year see’s Angie return to the heavy art form, recently announcing a new record full of enkindled ditties called The Underling.

The record’s lead single (and album opener) ‘Blood On My Eyes’ is a weathered stomper – a track that pushes steadily forward with a dusty strut. Piercing guitar licks dive bomb past my ears like savage mosquitos,  propelled by an undercurrent of crunch. As for the lyrics, well, they’re a little bit open to interpretation. I couldn’t quite get a read on the concepts, but you don’t need to have a grasp for Angie’s intent to know that she means business. Obscured slightly by the musical cacophony, Angie’s vocals fluctuate from bored monotone to high-pitched cry, peaks and troughs echoing the taught guitar work that is really the focal point of the track.

Listen here:

The Underling will be out officially through Dero Arcade on May 24. I’m personally very excited for this one.