Words: James Frostick
Band image: Duncan Wright

After a string of CD-Rs, tapes and 7″ singles, hypnotic Perth-based electronic drone duo Erasers are mere days away from releasing their new EP Forecast through Solid Melts. Forecast is five tracks of mood-building excellence, a mesmeric experience that deftly wields rhythm and subtlety to create an immersive listen. We’ve got an advance listen for you to enjoy!

I know I’m not alone when I admit that I often use music as a way to get outside of my own head. Music is a double-edged sword – it can be used to exacerbate emotions and thoughts or it can eclipse them completely, with the latter option leaning closer towards the meditative, ambient spectrum of sound. Perhaps clarification is necessary – rhythmic drone is no less substantive than the most lyric-heavy rock song, it simply generates a different kind of mood. ‘Mood’ is a pivotal word here, especially as it relates to Western Australian outfit Erasers. The duo, consisting of Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas have been creating minimalist electro-drone since 2009, building engrossing soundscapes across a series of understated but heralded releases. The duo’s latest effort – the forthcoming EP Forecast – further builds upon previous output, building a ritualistic, rhythmic work reminiscent of some kind of musical divination.

Let yourself sink in below:

The world-building undertaken by Erasers has created a work conducive a calm rumination. On tracks like ‘New Dust’, Erasers rely on a subtle pulse and droning synth notes to fill up headspace, while ‘Steep Descent’ wields higher-pitched tones to ensnare neurons and synapses, leaving your mind narcotised and floating. Despite tracks such as ‘Horizon Line’ featuring a slightly more upbeat pulse, it’s deft use of repetitive rhythms and Rebecca’s own hypnotic vocalisations (“Look into your eyes / Horizon line“) only serve to heighten trance-like properties. Over five tracks, Forecast serves to calm the waters of the mind, leaving the brain buzzing and at peace. Such is the benefit of the music Erasers craft – it overrides the chatter and steadies the current of thought, generating a peaceful hum and laying a steady mental foundation upon which one can reset.

Forecast will be released digitally and as a limited-edition cassette on Tuesday April 16 through Brooklyn label Solid Melts. You can pre-order your copy here.