Premiere: CLAMM – ‘DOG’

Words: James Frostick

Buffeted by a forceful gale, Melbourne trio CLAMM’s latest track ‘Dog’ is undoubtedly a pummelling hard-rock clanger. As potent their high-speed noise is, CLAMM is also attuned to a higher wavelength, proving that there’s always more to the music than what first hits the ears.

I’ll admit that I was largely unaware of CLAMM before being contacted about a possible premiere. I try to remain loosely cognisant of most active groups, sure, but it is always a pleasant surprise when a recommendation blitzes preconceptions. Melbourne’s CLAMM took me by surprise. What we have with CLAMM is some pure, unbridled oomph – that kind of hard-rocking’ music that kicks the heart into a higher gear, and releases adrenaline like that supercharged gas valve in The Fast and the Furious. It got me revved up, no doubts about it. The three-piece have a hot new number on their hands that perfectly exemplifies the groups hard-hittin’ musical nous and also showcases a bit of conceptual substance beneath the cacophony.

Presenting ‘Dog’:

I know you get me now when I say that CLAMM’s got some vigour. The track alludes to a higher power, that being the big G.O.D., and seems to touch on the notion of being caged by religion somewhat. I catch fuzzed-out utterances about forbidden fruit, the garden (of Eden, perhaps?) and fear in the air, it seems as if the all-encompassing presence of God is a smothering force. Are we still being punished for sins of our past? The above clip by Oscar O’shea literally features the boys trapped in cages. Perhaps this is just a coincidental and convenient use of available props, but I’m wired to draw parallels. Regardless of whether or not my ‘analysis’ is correct, the song is a belter, and I’m very glad CLAMM has been brought to my attention.

CLAMM will be launching ‘Dog’ on Wednesday April 24 at the Grace Darling Hotel in Melbourne with support from Hideous Sun Demon and Hannah Kate.