Words: James Frostick

With a ferocious and intimidating aura, Sydney’s White Dog returns to the scene after two years with the wired and wild churn of new track ‘Storm the Streets’. Boasting a roiling mix of thuggish hardcore, ‘Storm the Streets’ is a slice of old-school disaffected punk, keeping sentiments lean and direct to maximise impact.

It’s safe to assume there is a discernible sentiment of discontent going around in the immediate aftermath of the New South Wales state election. Despite a groundswell of criticism for the incumbent Coalition government, the result indicates a large generational and social disconnect amongst the voting populace. The past few weeks have seen an uptick in protests – especially from the younger folk – in regards to climate change and the policing of music festivals, but it seems that this demonstration of disapproval didn’t translate into ballot results. No doubt a large portion of the voting populace remains staunchly conservative in their political leanings, and despite the increasing numbers of socially aware folk entering voting age, it’s not yet enough to tip the generational scales in favour of a progressive leadership.

Although disheartening, the act of protest and vocalising criticisms remains necessary. Mere days after the disappointing result, Sydney hardcore punk outfit White Dog have unleashed a furious reminder that taking to the streets is still a valid outlet for making one’s voice heard. ‘Storm the Streets’ kicks off with a weighty crunch, the sound of a hellish avalanche burying everything in front of it. ‘ The relentless chug threatens of override the forceful commands of White Dog’s vocalist, but the message is clear – hit the streets, make a ruckus, take no shit.


‘Storm the Streets’ is reportedly featured on an upcoming EP, slated for a May release.