Words: James Frostick
Band image: Alex Macfarlane

Melbourne quintet Possible Humans has announced the imminent arrival of brand-new LP Everybody Split. Lead single ‘The Thumps’ is an even-keeled number that showcases a sublime sun-warped twang that sounds effortless and utterly enjoyable.

As far as I know, the last we heard from Possible Humans was in 2016 when the crew released a 7″ through Strange Pursuits. Looking back at that page, the description of the release mentioned the band already had an album recorded, but they had no clue when it would see the light of day. Unless I’m mistaken (always a possibility), that day is close. This week the band announced the forthcoming arrival of LP Everybody Split through excellent boutique label Hobbies Galore. Attached to the announcement was ‘The Thumps’, the lead single from the record and taster of what the five-piece has had in the vault all these years.

‘The Thumps’ kicks off with a spirited pace – an animated swagger of seared guitars and limber bass. It rushes to fill space and encompass, with the same roomy breeze that runs along the frets of Australian guitar-oriented bands like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Chook Race, but with the hooks of maybe The Ocean Party. None of those acts are perfect comparisons, but there’s a sense of space that I’d use as a connecting thread between all of them – consider it a sonic sprawl reminiscent of our country’s own all-encompassing horizons.

As for the lyrical content, well, that’s not easy to pin down. If I had to take a guess, ‘The Thumps’ is about a relationship disintegration. I get a sense of dashed hopes and expectations, and the titular ‘thumps’ could be the heightened pounding of the heart when emotions his the bloodstream. Alternatively, taken another way, ‘The Thumps’ could document a parental departure through, say, divorce. That heart wrenching moment when one half of your parental unit splits – although all you hope for is reconciliation, they won’t stay.

I know exactly why you came / to open the doors and make my eyeballs red


You raise me up far too well / you race to the door / I left my courage in the top drawer

Like my research on the band’s history, I could be way off base. The song is great though, which is the main thing you should take away from this reading exercise.

A limited run of 200 copies of Everybody Split is set for Monday April 1 through Hobbies Galore. Ensure you don’t miss out by purchasing a pre-order here.