Words: James Frostick

There’s a new crew on the scene slinging a feisty brand of speedy and unhinged hardcore. Hacker is the name, and the band’s brand-new demo tape contains four tracks of unbridled sonic intensity. 

I love it when a demo release takes me by surprise. Most of the time, they’re proof-of-concept compositions that usually only hint at the underlying musical potential, but every now and then you come across some that are much more considered and immediate. ‘Immediate’ is the word that I reckon best describes new Melbourne outfit Hacker, proponents of a manic and frenzied ruckus that can’t help but catch you off guard. Once the shock and awe subsides, it’s easy to see why this demo is so good – it’s been crafted by some bona fide veteran players. Hacker features members of Masses, Soakie, Crush the Demoniac, Starvation, Infinite Void and Deep Heat. An impressive collection of acts, to be sure.

Hacker’s demo features four tracks, the longest stretching to one-minute fifty. Like I said, sudden and immediate. Although it’s hard to decipher, Hacker seems to be offering some social commentary beneath the clatter. The demo cassette cover mentions lyrical fragments are borrowed from works from artists such as Jan McKay, Marie McMahon and posters found within the Di Holdway Collection. The political lean of these works seem to have informed the thematic direction of Hacker, as poster art of the 1970s and 1980s contained strong protest and anti-establishment sentiments. There’s plenty to dig into here if you’ve got the time, and with the entire demo release totalling less than six minutes, you can afford a few listens.

You can catch Hacker (and buy a tape) at the following shows:

Friday March 8 at One Year w/ ZODD

Sunday March 31 upstairs at The Tote w/ Cold Meat