Video Premiere: SLAG QUEENS – ‘REAL 1’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Reece Lyne

Terrific Tasmanian post-punk crew Slag Queens are riding high following the release of their new full-length album You Can’t Go Out Like That. An amalgam of styles, speeds and emotions, the record showcases not only the band’s unique talent but also conveys their frustrations and thoughts about life in Tasmania. The band is putting forth a new clip for energetic thumper ‘Real 1’, a track that carries its fair share of discontent.

I just want something that will leave me satisfied

If this ain’t just the most universally relatable lyric of 2019, then it’s pretty damn close. The new record from Tasmanian outfit Slag Queens is fuelled by a strong sense of dissatisfaction, or rather a yearning for equilibrium and contentedness in a state that prefers to grant neither. The band’s latest recorded effort You Can’t Go Out Like That – released officially on February 4 through Rough Skies Records  documents the group’s frustration with small-minded social groups and the impact it has on the band and their friends in the POC/queer community. To Slag Queens, satisfaction is simply the right to exist. They want their friends to be able to live their lives without encountering constant prejudiced antagonism, without patriarchal restrictions and without the withering toll the unjust systemic framework takes on their psyche and wellbeing. As someone living in a similarly ass-backwards state (Queensland), I can empathise.

For those yet to digest the album in full, ‘Real 1’ is a slice of energised post-punk with some serious groove that, on the surface, belies the aforementioned grievances. It’s a danceable piece of music with a percussive strut, robust bass notes and synth plinks, but if you dig a bit deeper beneath the rhythm you can pick up the current of dissatisfaction once more. To my ears, ‘Real 1’ is about fake friends and fake allies, posturing and virtue signalling. Deceit and forgery seeps into social groups and the fakes clamber to the top. Where are the real ones? Mistakenly holding the fakes aloft, it seems. The music video for ‘Real 1″, which you can view below, was directed by Nipaluna/Hobart-based emerging video artist Caitlin Fargher, with fashionable adornment supplied by avant-garde label SAAKA.

Slag Queens have some shows lined up for March. Definitely make the effort to catch them if you can.

Thursday February 28 – The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne w/ The Native Cats & Terry
Friday March 2 – 96 Tears in Marrickville w/ The Baby, Worm Cafe and Rock Music Fan Club
Sunday March 3 – North Wollongong Hotel w/ Jacky & The Wünderz & Neko Pink
Saturday March 23 – Sawtooth ARI in Launceston w/ guests TBA