Words: James Frostick
Band image: Millar Wileman

Melbourne-via-Geelong quartet Gonzo will be releasing their second full-length album Do it Better Again in March through hit factory Anti Fade Records. To get the juices of excitement going, the crew is offering up a prime cut from the record in the form of lead track ‘Put The Money’. A pepped-up slice of agile rock ‘n’ roll that is all about striking first, striking hard and taking the pot when it is at its fullest.

I’m not a gambling man, especially when it comes to poker. I’m not sure if I have a tell, a lack of patience or a misunderstanding for the intricacies of the game, but I’m rarely a winner. I fold with good hands and risk it all with a fistful of dross. Perhaps I lack a certain killer instinct? Safe to say, if I was at the table with the lads from Gonzo, I’d haemorrhage chips from the first deal. ‘Put The Money’ – the first track from Gonzo’s forthcoming record Do It Better Again – is  a rollicking number that is thematically connected to the high-stakes world of poker insofar as the song’s lyrical metaphors tie closely to the card game.

‘Put The Money’ is a spry and bouncy number that, to me, is about scoring a swift and undeniable victory. Over quick and boppy fret work and rhythmic thump, we’re clued in to a bit of that relentless mindset that I’d imagine most card sharks possess. After circling their prey and probing for weaknesses, the opponent’s poker face drops and suddenly the hunter is all in. Flop, turn and river all align perfectly for the strike – now it’s time to “hit them with the ace”. Despite victory being left up to the flip of the cards, Gonzo prefers to leave nothing to chance. They’re playing to win and they’ve scored a nifty little victory with this track. If I was a gambling man, I’d put money on the whole album being a cracker too.

Do it Better Again will drop on Friday March 29 on Anti Fade Records. Put the money where your mouth is and pre-order here. The band will be launching the record on Friday April 26 with a show at the John Curtin Hotel.