Words: James Frostick
Band photo: Grace Stevenson

Dub-meets-R’n’B foursome Honey 2 Honey has released ‘Tone of Voice’ – the first taste of its forthcoming 12” release. The track is a meditative bop that wields sonic subtleties with pinpoint accuracy – creating a glossy mix out of a limited musical palette that is infused with rich texture and detail.

It’s refreshing to give the ears a break from guitar-dominated music from time to time, and Canberra/Sydney outfit Honey 2 Honey is a perfect slice of hypnotic dub disco. The group, which started as a duo consisting of Rory Stenning and Luke Keenan-Brown before expanding to include Del Lumanta (Video Ezy, Basic Human) and Daryl Prondoso (Phone, Basic Human) has just announced a 12” record out in April through Chapter Music. Titled A Taste Of, the record (recorded with Holy Balm’s Yoni Hochman and Cured Pink/Enderie’s Andrew McLellan) features an amalgam of influences – jazz, dub, R’n’B – and moulds it into a measured and melodious mix of driving dance. The lead cut from the record is ‘Tone of Voice’, an especially euphonious track that does a lot with a concise spectrum of sounds.

‘Tone of Voice’ is hypnotic – lulling in listeners with an upbeat bop rhythm that is slowly built upon over the song’s duration. It’s Rory’s deep vocals that really draw me in, though. His low-pitched intonations give little away, though his resonant baritone is the most sublime accompaniment to the propulsive R’n’B bounce. Press material says that ‘Tone of Voice’ touches on ‘the anxieties of intimacy’, and Rory’s subtle meditative expositions on control, sound and love touch on the complex nuances of inter-personal relations and the essential elements that give it life, as terrifying as that is.

You can catch the group performing at several dates throughout February (listed below). Pre-order your copy of Honey 2 Honey’s EP A Taste Of through Chapter Music here

Sat Feb 9 – Sydney – Golden Age Cinema with Enderie

Thurs Feb 21 – Melbourne – The Tote Upstairs with Fia Fiell + Echo Party

Fri Feb 22 – Melbourne – Corner Hotel supporting Laura Jean + Jade Imagine (TIX)