Words: James Frostick

Masters of harsh soundscapes and monumental noise My Disco is back with news of a forthcoming record and a new song to boot. ‘Rival Colour’ is a masterclass of threatening minimalism. It’s a sparse collection of elements have been pieced together to create a truly unsettling arrangement.

If any band can say a lot by saying less, it’s My Disco. The Melbourne trio have long been proponents of auditory contrasts – they are equally at home creating rib-clattering maximalist dissonance as they are building from the most minimal of beginnings. The group’s newest cut, ‘Rival Colour’ finds the band at their most eerily silent – a far departure from the brutal clangs and reverberations heard on 2015’s Severe. ‘Rival Colour’ is the first piece we’re hearing from My Disco’s upcoming album Environment, coming out in March through Downwards Records.

To summarise what has been said already, the record was written last year in the middle of a Berlin winter. It’s been engineered by Boris Wilsdorf (Einstürzende Neubauten) and mixed by Cornel Wilzcek. Aside from that, we don’t know what to expect. As far as what insight ‘Rival Colour’ provides, it is an ominously sounding herald of darker textures and sparse compositions. High-pitched and spine-tingling hums, an ear-filling bass pulse and distant percussive clanks is all that is offered to us as far as instrumentation goes. Lyrically? Well, there’s one portentous line repeated a few times throughout the track that really helps to put me on edge:

Let me see it all. Colour.”

In regards to this lyric’s meaning, your guess is as good as mine. The name ‘Rival Colours’ conjures imagery of stark opposition. Perhaps this alludes to a conflict of sorts, and a desire to see the other’s true self revealed fully. Rival colours and true colours, or something. If I dig further I’ll be reading too much into this. Regardless, it’s good to have My Disco back at work sewing unease through bleak ambience.


Environment will be dropping on March 1 through Downwards Records.