Video Premiere: IDIOT BOX – ‘BABY BOOMER’

Words: James Frostick

We’re stoked to premiere the new clip from Sydney rabble-rousers Idiot Box. ‘Baby Boomer’ is a snotty sneer at Australia’s ruling establishment, pushing forth sentiments of derision on the back of some aggro rock’n’roll. 

The conflict between generations is something that’s always been prevalent in Australia, but now – in a time where the status quo is being disrupted and long-held positions of power are being threatened – it seems like the disconnect between older folk and the youth is becoming more pronounced. This ain’t the place to get into each side’s perceived points of contention, but as a millennial myself there’s a definite ethical resonance when it comes to songs that spit in the general direction of the elder elite. Enter Idiot Box – a Sydney group that specialises in loud guitars and louder attitude. They put out a cassette of socially aware grunt at the beginning of the year through Pissfart Records, and are following it up by putting out visuals for highlight track ‘Baby Boomer’.

Buzzing guitars and a stomping rhythm form the meat ‘n bones of the track, but it all sets the stage for the vocals – a venomous spray at the Baby Boomer generation and their out-of-touch ideas. Over three minutes Idiot Box singles out the older generation’s policies on unions and human rights (not to mention their mind-boggling ideas on what constitutes hard work) before sarcastically closing on the notion that maybe we eat too much avocado on toast. It’s a simple track with a simple message, but there’s a primal joy one gets from hearing someone take aim at Baby Boomers. The clip itself is also largely straightforward – it matches the red aesthetic of the band’s cassette Cop It Sweet but has been overlaid with vocalist Byron’s face as he levels the spray. It’s a neat addition because should Baby Boomers close their ears to the music, they can still read his lips.

Idiot Box will be wrapping up a tour tonight with a show at the Botany View Hotel in Sydney with support from MUM and Draino.

Nab a copy of Cop It Sweet here.