Words: James Frostick

Canberra and Sydney outfit Lower Body is following up on a well-received 12″ with a fresh track. ‘The Oasis’ is a captivating piece of post-punk, laced with nostalgia and ache and promise. 

It’s always good to hear new stuff coming out of Canberra, and though Lower Body’s members are divided between Canberra and Sydney, they all come from acts that originated in the Australian Capital Territory. The post-punk-leaning foursome features musicians from groups such as TV Colours, Oxen and New Age Group, but this configuration seems to have distilled some of the best elements of each into its sound. Lower Body put out a 12” EP through Black Wire Records last year, offering up four songs that evidenced the group’s knack for weaving sun-speckled guitar tones with lead singer Mitchell Krewaz’s forlorn baritone. You’ve got some of the bristly fuzz of TV Colours, emotional earnestness of Oxen and catchiness of New Age Group, but that being said – Lower Body is a different beast.

The group has followed up on the 12” with a new track, ‘The Oasis’, a distinctive cut that boasts a bit of extra sheen in the mix. Post-punk hallmarks such as piercing guitar work and throbbing low end are joined by some luminescent synth, adding a wistful twist that offsets Mitchell’s urgent fuzz-soaked croon – vocalisations that carry hurt and hope. There’s splashes of nostalgia here, too – a sense of looking backwards at a time now past and all the what-could-have-beens left behind.

Do yourself a favour and listen:

Lower Body will be cruising up and down the east coast this month alongside label mates Earache. Here are the dates:

January 11 at Black Wire Records with Earache, Negative Gears, Loose Fit and Soft Touch
January 12 at the Tanswells Hotel with Earache
January 13 at The Tote with Earache, No Sister and The Steelers
January 18 at The Polish Club with Earache, Australian Sweetheart and Cure
January 20 at the North Wollongong Hotel with Crepes, Dream Dog and Earache