Words: James Frostick
Image: Rick M Douglas

The mind behind bands such as Cracodile and Hot Sludge Fundae has emerged with a new project, a wiry post-punk outfit by the name of Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice. Living up to its name, the band produces an unusual sort of minimalist noise that pierces with surgical precision. We’re premiering the band’s first recorded tune – a a pointed spray at faceless corporate entities. 

Dougal Shaw’s never been one to shy away from curious sounds. From his work across projects such as Cracodile, Breve and Hot Sludge Fundae, he’s notorious for dabbling in raw and intense sonics, crafting visceral and enthralling work without succumbing to pastiche or imitation. Although familiar hallmarks of genre lay the groundwork for his sounds (the twisted punk of Cracodile, the irreverent pub pop of Hot Sludge Fundae), Dougal and the musicians he works with like to build upon these foundations, erecting crude monuments made from his bizarre vision. His latest musical moniker, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, continues this trend – putting forth a wiry and springy slice of minimalist skronk that is both a joyous cacophonous mess and a thrilling jaunt.

For Dr Sure’s first aural outing – this here single ‘Busy Bigness – Dougal began as a solitary figure, before fleshing out the group to actualise his vision. The track is bare bones but full of texture – bent guitars over herky-jerky rhythms, propelled by a rigid low end that adds enough weight to keep the piece grounded. Thematically, we’re privy to Dougal’s distaste for the corporate entities, typically personified as Big Business. Big shots and big problems – it’s these big wigs that are ruining the world for the rest of us, and though Dougal’s not over thinking his criticism or his approach, ‘Busy Bigness’ manages to still rile up angst against the system thanks to Dr Sure’s cantankerous post-punk approach.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice will be undertaking a month-long residency at The Tote through November. Dougal has recruited an ensemble of musicians from some familiar units, featuring Miranda Grace on drums (Lubulwa, Claws & Organs), Jake Suriano on bass (Hideous Sun Demon, Kitchen People) and Jack Mccullagh on guitar (Hot Sludge Fundae, Cracodile).