Words: James Frostick
Image: Jamie Wdziekonski
Cover art: Paris Richens

Melbourne’s Parsnip are back with a brand-new 7” single, out officially at the end of November. The single’s lead track ‘Feeling Small’ finds Parsnip at their brilliant best, with a charming sing-along pop sound that sees the band calling out those with messed up priorities and fixations on material worth.

Following on from last year’s ‘Health’, Melbourne’s Parsnip are mere weeks away from dropping their anticipated new follow-up 7” single through Anti Fade Records. For those that haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting themselves with Parsnip yet, you might be familiar with some of the other groups that Parsnip’s members also contribute to – School Damage, Hierophants, Bananagun. That being said, Parsnip is a far cry from all of those bands (aside from a shared stylistic lean towards the offbeat). In fact, Parsnip is a far cry from just about anything in Australia right now, with a lo-fi jangle aesthetic imbued with a fascinating pop twist, beguiling and unique. Influences from 60s girls groups and Back From The Grave provide some inspirational touchstones, but Parsnip’s got it’s own thing going on, as evidenced from the fantastic newie ‘Feeling Small’.

The song kicks off with a piano-led bop and a snappy rhythm that makes toe-tapping a foregone conclusion, but offers sturdy bones for bluesy guitar flourishes and gang-style call-and-response vocals as well. ‘Feeling Small’ seems to refer to the feeling of being forced to retreat in the face of boisterous individuals and their opinions – the kind of folks that like to override others with their force of personality and belligerent actions. Parsnip understandably feel constricted by their judgemental presence, judged for their differences and unable to be without being judged – made to feel small and as such have no other recourse but to speak out.

You’ve got me feeling small, so why be here at all?

This is a valid question from a group that shines when unhindered by insecurities. Let Parsnip thrive!

The 7″ single will be released on November 30. Get your pre-orders in quickly!