Words: James Frostick

Ahead of its release on August 17, we’re hosting a preview stream of The little hand of the faithful’s new instrumental record, is with you. The brainchild of Scattered Order’s Mitchell Jones, is with you is an amalgamation of disparate sounds, welded together to form a machine that’s at times intimidating in sound, but engrossing in vision.

After a period of time, even projects with the most experimental beginnings can become locked in to its own mythos and style. The glory of the side project is the chance to shed one’s skin creatively and start from scratch – to follow a new tangent and explore things that don’t fit within the limitation you’ve constructed around your more prominent guise. Mitchell Jones is known to many from his work with Scattered Order and M Squared Records. A venerable veteran of post-punk and industrial noise, Jones has been bending technology to his whim for decades across numerous releases. A quick dip into the discography reveals a mind-boggling catalogue of sound, so one would hazard a guess that this artist has never been wanting for creative spark. As The little hand of the faithful, Mitchell Jones is branching out in a solo capacity, resetting the creative slate and assembling a record of bent noise evoked from conventional musical utensils.

The little hand of the faithful’s 12” is a gorgeous showcase of Mitchell Jones’ industrial chops – taking the breadth of noise that can be produced using guitars, synths, samples and found sounds. The intensity gauge tilts regularly from concise rhythm to overdrive in fits and starts, peaking and mellowing but entertaining all the while. From the steam-powered piston push of ‘Polish Trucker Lollies’ and the eerie chittering pops and clicks of ‘Liquid Kosh’ to the haunting transmission-laced skronk of ‘Radio Chatter Continues Under Music’ and the bent lushness of ‘Dark And Strangely Pale’, Mitchell Jones proves to still be a masterful purveyor of structure (or anti-structure) and a weaver of beauty from extirpated parts. There are phases of real beauty and unsettling alienation, but at its core, is with you is a masterclass in industrial technique and execution.

is with you will be out through the incredible label Psychic Hysteria on August 17, but you can listen to the 12″ in full below. Headphones are recommended for true immersion.