Words: James Frostick
Image: Nick Wilkins

Today we have the pleasure of debuting ‘Cheating’ – the new track from Melbourne dark-wave five-piece Venetian Blinds. Eerie and encompassing, ‘Cheating’ situates listeners in the middle of a cold tempest, where biting winds carry haunted sounds and cloudy skies rumble with unsettling prose.

Our sunburnt country is quite accomplished when it comes to producing nocturnal sounds. Dark-wave and gothic-tinged post-punk is something we seem to inherently gravitate towards, and the latest entrant into this gloomy realm is Venetian Blinds. Where the sound of some goth-influenced outfits seemingly inhabit sunken subterranean realms, this Melbourne quintet (which features members of Liam Linley and the Louvres and Bitch Diesel) revels in the dim gloom of moonlight, stalking the topside like an unholy coven, whipped and hounded by the icy temperament of perpetual night.

‘Cheating’ opens up in haunting fashion – a striking guitar progression pierces the darkness, a lonesome stark riff that hangs like a torch in the gloom. This unsettling opening segment builds with booming percussion and a reverberating low end and soon enough you’re lost in sound – disoriented and beholden to the forces at hand. A shrouded grumble from vocalist/guitarist Liam Linley comes to the forefront, a deeply foreboding drone murmuring and ruminating on what sounds like past loves and mistakes. Once Liam is joined by another set of harmonic incantations, everything is heightened in intensity, if only momentarily. Hairs stand on end and shivers run along the spine, pins and needles and dissociative headpins ensue.

As far as introductions go, ‘Cheating’ by Venetian Blinds is memorable and effortless. As stark and grim as it is, it carries with it a poise and beauty and keeps the ears enraptured. The best proponents of post-punk weave threads of illuminated magnificence in the black cloth tapestry of the genre – Venetian Blinds have crafted something great with their turn at the loom. Listen:

To celebrate the release, Venetian Blinds will undertake a live residency at The Tote. The dates and supports are as follows:

Aug 09 – Jacky Winter & Codeine Cowboys
Aug 11 –​ Harmony (Album Launch)
Aug 16 – 2 Stroke & FNAS
Aug 23 –​ Pure Moods & Traffik Island
Aug 30 – ​Tracksuit & Truly Holy


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