Video Premiere: HOT TO ROT – ‘KINDRED’

Words: James Frostick
Cover art: Loretta Wilde
Band shot: Coralee Hall

The newest face on the Hysterical Records roster is making moves. HoT To RoT is accelerating towards the release of its new EP in mid-August, but before the trio drops its collection of taught and sinewy post-punk, it’s releasing a DIY clip for its commanding debut single ‘Kindred’. We’ve got the first look here.

Watching a relationship crumble over time is tough, but the sole blessing is being able to see it coming, at least. Being blindsided by the end is almost worse, especially if one half believes everything is fine. Melbourne trio HoT To RoT‘s fierce new track ‘Kindred’ gives insight into the mindset post-destruction, where the only thing that remains are unanswered questions, confusion and haunting spectres of one whose presence was considered secure.

The trio of Loretta Wilde, Blaise Adamson and Jack Normoyle convey this sudden emotional displacement with a malleable brand of pointed post-punk, at one point stable and at other times wild and chaotic. Few styles are as perfectly suited to communicate the rollercoaster of emotions experienced during a new relationship and post sudden break – after those once close as kindred become strangers. Blaise Adamson’s vocal chord-shredding performance brings manic life to her thoughts, conveying the experience of the half life lived in the wake of a relationship’s collapse. Everything has turned to nothing. What was thought to be unbreakable is now dust. The resulting silence is as violent and inescapable as deafening noise.

“Never have I murmured in my sleep, until now / never have I spoken to my demons, ’til now.”

On ‘Kindred’, HoT To RoT brilliantly showcase the spectrum of confusion and fury of being suddenly set adrift. While destructive, this period is undoubtedly a crucial part of the catharsis. The track fades out to a cacophony of screams and deranged guttural utterings, while the music breaks down into a decaying squall. Only through exorcising the emotions can one heal. When the anger calms, then can we build up again.

A clip for ‘Kindred’ is now online, providing a smart visual accompaniment to the sound. Here you can watch the trio take their frustrations out on their instruments, before giving them up to twirl and dance amidst the chaos.

Enough blabbing, watch this clip immediately:

HoT To RoT’s EP will be dropping on August 17 through the brilliant Hysterical Records. The EP will be launched live on September 14 at a secret party in Collingwood. Details can be obtained by emailing Hysterical Records.