Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jamie Wdziekonski
Cover art: Carolyn Hawkins

In 2012 and 2013, ANTI FADE Records released two seminal compilations featuring a bumper crop of Victorian artists, shining a spotlight on the sounds and styles of Melbourne the east coast of Australia. Nearly five years on and the record label is announcing a third compilation to be released on August 3. New Centre of the Universe Vol. 3 strikes a balance between the plethora of styles emerging from Victoria, assembling a stellar array of acts that encapsulate much of the state’s burgeoning underground scene.


Dick Diver, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ausmuteants, The Stevens, The Gooch Palms, Super Wild Horses, Terrible Truths.

That’s a pretty good list of some pretty good bands, don’t you think?

One thing these bands have in common, aside from all being terrific bands in their own right, is that they all at one point featured on one of the first two compilations from ANTI FADE RecordsNew Centre of the Universe. The two (now seminal) anthologies of Australian musical effort talked a big game, albeit with tongue placed firmly in cheek. It declared that Australia was now the epicentre of new and exciting music, but in hindsight one could argue based on the assembled roster that the declaration wasn’t far off the mark.

It’s been several years now, and many of those aforementioned artists are doing incredible things. The team at ANTI FADE Records might not go so far as to say the compilation itself had much to do with raising the platform of these artists, but to capture all of these musicians at the same time takes both an incredible ear and supreme confidence in the calibre and potential of the featured acts. It’s been five years (give or take) since the previous compilation, but today Anti-Fade Records is announcing the imminent arrival of the third volume of New Centre of the Universe.

Volume three features a new assortment of acts from Victorian bands and artists, with 17 new names contributing 17 original tracks to the effort. Great care was taken to avoid repetition, and although some individual musicians appear in new guises, each concept is novel to the New Centre of the Universe lineage. The track list reveals a who’s who of artists that have carved a niche in the scene over the past five years, encompassing a greater array of genres. From the whimsical twang of Terry and the impenetrable post-punk of EXEK, to the off-kilter pop of Traffik Island and the other wordly irregularity of Sleepyhead, volume three guns the gamut of styles, showcasing the diversity of Victoria today.

In addition to those four, New Centre of the Universe Vol. 3 features tracks from Parsnip, Billdozer, Permits, The Stroppies, Zane Gardner, School Damage, Matt Harkin, Alien Nosejob, Leon & the Freedom Cage, Alex Macfarlane, The Shifters, Gonzo and Vintage Crop. The full compilation will drop on August 3, but today you can cop a listen to a few tracks featured on the record. These tunes are courtesy of Parsnip, Alien Nosejob and Traffik Island.

If you like what you hear, put down a pre-order through ANTI FADE Records.