Words: James Frostick
Band image: Tracy Lee Hayes

Premiering today, searing alternative-rock duo Dark Fair are bringing some ferocity to the airwaves with new single ‘Off Into My Head’ – a tightly wound offering that sees the group exploring the insides of the mind and taking refuge amongst its reality obscuring sanctuary.

Retreating into one’s own mind is part creative exploration and part coping strategy. Daydreams and memories can be repositories of happiness and peace, but on the flip-side they can stir up painful emotional responses – thus is the dual nature of our brains. Dark Fairs new track ‘Off Into My Head’ explores the idea of creating your own reality inside the mind when real life becomes too much to bear. It’s something we all do to some extent and for different reasons. Some of us hide from trauma, others use our mind space to confront it and rationalise it. For others, daydreaming is simply more engaging than the world around them and the restrictions it sets upon us.

‘Off Into My Head’ doesn’t allow you to drift into a daydream while listening, though. It’s much too loud for that. The track begins with a rhythmic drum kick courtesy of Ellie Dunn (also known as Snowy) – an urgent battering that marks the start of proceedings in a suitably loud fashion. Soon thereafter, Ramona Moore adds the guitars and the song starts to sizzle. Throughout the track Ramona laments how things “just ain’t right,” and, boy, do I relate to that sentiment sometimes. Ramona’s conviction lends belief to the necessity of removal from reality and its pains to the soothing sanctum of the inner world.  As Ramona sings, “away I go”, we’re right there with her – retreating or exploring, whatever the mind holds for us. Picture the track’s swift ascent as your own escape to the clouds and the pieces fall neatly into place.

The single’s release marks Dark Fair joining the Poison City Records roster, which is a terrific fit. I’m looking forward to hearing more soon.

If you like what you hear, catch Dark Fair at the following live dates:

Thursday July 5 at The Gasometer in Collingwood
Saturday July 21 at The Cactus Room in Thornbury