Video Premiere: EAT-MAN – ‘TAKE ME HOME’

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne four-piece Eat-Man will be dropping a hot new EP in early July, but before the feast arrives the high-fashion DIY Queer-punk outfit invite you to check out the visuals for latest single ‘Take Me Home’.

Take me home with you tonight and I won’t tell your boy tomorrow / take me home with you tonight and I won’t tell girl tomorrow

When Eat-Man’s singer Eric Butler coolly coos the opening lines to ‘Take Me Home’, it doubles as a tantalising proposition and a reason for pause. On one hand, it could spell disaster if the secret gets out. On the other, it could result an unforgettable night. We’re inclined to throw caution to the wind and go with the latter. Forget the consequences; the decision was practically made for us. ‘Take Me Home’ is a buzzing and frantic track that perfectly encapsulates Eat-Man’s brand of direct, DIY punk – punchy and too the point, with style and confidence to spare.

‘Take Me Home’ is a snippet of the band’s forthcoming EP, and it’s our pleasure to premiere the clip. Styled by Eric and with art contributed by bassist Ashley Ronning, the video features the vocalist giving it to the camera in a variety of outfits while the band weaves its gritty and immediate scuzz in the background. It openly celebrates sexuality and desire, imbued with a good dose of fun. It’s an eye-catching clip for a variety of reasons, chiefly its use of colour and Eric’s own magnetism, but after two minutes the fun is over and you’re left once more to your own devices. You already know you’re hitting repeat.

Just watch:

Eat-Man’s five-track EP will be dropping on July 6. You can pre-order your physical copy now, which comes in a stylish pink-on-pink cassette with artwork by Ruby Knight. Eat-Man will be launching the tape at The Old Bar on July 6 with support from Piss Factory, SPIT and InfraGhosts.