Words: James Frostick
Image: Rebecca Liston

Sublime synth-pop outfit Moon Rituals has announced its long-awaited LP, filled with eight tracks of glittering arrangements. ‘Sky Dance’ is the album’s lead single, and depicts a meeting of opposed forces – an interaction between Yin and Yang and the undeniable attraction that draws them together.

It’s a busy year for Sarah Hardiman. Coming hot on the heels of the announcement that Deaf Wish is coming forward with a new album is the revelation of another anticipated long-form project – a self-titled album from Sarah’s solo project Moon Rituals. The approach and sounds of Moon Rituals is a stark departure from Sarah’s work with the churning rock juggernaut Deaf Wish, eschewing coarse riffage for minimalist electronic composition. Sarah has been honing this brand of synth pop on and off since 2013 (maybe earlier) in conjunction with friend Mikey Young, who has lent his talents for the purposes of fleshing out and actualising Sarah’s synth pop vision on this album.

Moon Rituals by Moon Rituals is an eight-track record that will be released digitally and on vinyl (limited pressing – 300 copies) next week through Solar/Sonar Records, but we’ve been given a glimpse of what to expect with lead single ‘Sky Dance’. The track takes inspiration from the Richard Brautigan poem ‘A Mid-February Sky Dance’, and sublimely evokes the sparkling possibilities of moonlit encounters.

‘Sky Dance’ tells a nebulous tale of two forces, two individuals embodied with ethereal properties. One is light, the other is darkness – offset and juxtaposed yet completely enraptured with the other. Both subjects are ensnared in the gravitational pull of magnetism, drawn into close proximity by forces beyond their control. We’re witness to a dance of diametric bodies – one luminous, the other obscure – but equal and complementary. It’s a tale of opposites attracting – a story about our desire of the strange and enthralling. Although starting as a subdued dalliance, ‘Sky Dances’ glittering crescendo evokes incandescent images of astral bodies moving across celestial expanses. Clouds of colour colliding and intertwining, boundaries blurred and endless possibilities.

Acquaint yourself with the track via the clip below, shot by Ela Stiles.

Moon Rituals will be performing live for the final time across two shows on July 20 and 21 at The Tote (upstairs), with support from Double Negative, The Stroppies, Traffik Island, Peak Twins, plus surprise guests.