Marking almost a full year since the release of their stunning atmospheric LP In Time, Time For Dreams return with a new 7” release through It Records. ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ is an affecting offering that examines kindness in an age of fire and disillusionment, while the B-side cover of The Smiths’ ‘Death of a Disco Dancer’ is a poignant companion track that scoffs at the notion of peace in our time.

The dust has only settled following the release of Time for Dreamslast recorded effort, but it seems the combo of Amanda Roff (Harmony) and Tom Carlyon (Standish/CarlyonDevastations) still have more to say. Time For Dreams are following up In Time with an engaging two-hitter, a 7” featuring new original track ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ and a cover of ‘Death of a Disco Dancer’ by The Smiths – a staple of Time for Dreams’ live set.

Like their previous effort, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ boasts lush soundscapes that drip with heady moisture. A cloying humidity saturates the track, offering a cloistered, bubble-like isolation – a greenhouse, where fauna drips and thrives while bathed in pink neon glow. As divine as it all sounds, the track carries subdued sentiments. The track, reportedly written during an extended depressive funk, carries feelings of disenchantment and remoteness. The world is burning and it seems everyone is out for themselves. In this world, doing a good deed for the sake of being decent to others is rare, and kindness births a wary cynicism, despite what good intentions may propel action.

This downtrodden worldview is carried into ‘Death of a Disco Dancer’, which nailed this level of extreme cynicism when it was penned by Marr and Morrissey in 1987. The song touches on hypocrisy and inaction, of the inefficacy of well-wishers and theoretical advocates. Ask anyone and they’d say they’d fix the world in a heartbeat – but most of us just keep on living our day to day existences. Peace is a common goal, but maybe not an obtainable one. Amanda sings, “Love, peace and harmony? Very nice, but maybe in the next world”. It’s depressing, but encapsulates the damaging lethargy that afflicts the developed world.

The 7” release will drop officially this Friday through It Records, but you can pre-order your vinyl or digital copies now.