Words: James Frostick

As part of Drive Live 2018, Melbourne’s PBS 106.7FM recruited Mod Con to perform a live-to-air rendition of ‘Do It Right, Margo’. Those that missed out are fortunate, as we’ve been given the honour of premiering the footage of the incendiary performance.

If you read this blog, there’s a good chance you also listen to community radio. If you already listen to community radio, you don’t need to be told how important it is to the local music scene. That being said, I feel it’s my duty to reinforce the irrefutable truth that community radio is V.D.I. ­­– Very Damn Important. Community radio is kept alive by the support of the community, and it’s that very community that Melbourne’s PBS 106.7 FM is calling upon with its Feast Your Ears Radio Festival, in which the station is undertaking a membership drive to stay on the airwaves for another year.

The festival is running until Sunday May 27, giving you plenty of time to throw your support in if you haven’t already. I won’t go into detail about all the rewarding aspects of supporting community radio (of which there are many, including literal tangible rewards), but I will say that blogs like this and radio stations like PBS (and 4ZZZ, and 3RRR, and FBi, and RTRFM) aren’t that dissimilar when it comes to our local scope and reliance on community support. Radio still has a place in the Australian music consciousness and continues to be a vital tool for bands.

I don’t spruik much aside from music I like, but I feel I can extend my boundaries a little for a good cause. Supporting community radio is one such good cause. I’m sure one of my favourite bands of the moment Mod Con would agree. The group swung by PBS 106.7 FM to play a killer tune from their ripper album Modern Convenience, which I have a video of right below. Consider this proof of the station’s good work and incentive to get involved (more support = more stuff like this). Without further ado, here is the trio performing ‘Do It Right, Margo’ live on PBS 106.7 FM’s ‘Stone Love’ show, recorded back in February.

Melbourne locals have a few days remaining to support PBS 106.7 FM during its membership drive. Click here to get amongst it and keep community radio alive.

Get your hands on Mod Con’s Modern Convenience here.