Words: James Frostick

Melbourne five-piece unit The Faculty have offered up the first taste of an upcoming tape. ‘Pretenders Shirt’ is a punchy tracked laced with acerbic vocals and biting riffs.

There’s some new noise emanating from Melbourne at the moment. I’ve seen the name The Faculty popping up on gig posters down south but I’ve yet to catch a note (aside from a few YouTube clips) until now. From what I gather the five-piece band has been playing around for a good while, but only very recently has a high fidelity snippet emerged. ‘Pretenders Shirt’ (which has been a part of The Faculty’s set since late 2017 at least) is the first taste off a new tape out in June. It’s a speedy track – a sharp guitar-led, propulsive number that features a nice interplay between a gritty rhythm shred and an agitated mosquito whine.

‘Pretenders Shirt’ makes reference to ‘Brass in Pocket’ – the 1979 single by The Pretenders – a track described as a reference sexual power and conquest. From what I gather, The Faculty utilise the reference to allude to something a bit more sinister. I could be off target by a mile, but ‘Pretenders Shirt’ seemingly recounts an individual using social clout in the pursuit of sexual conquest. This person has no qualms about grooming and taking advantage of a others, which eventually results in subsequent erasure of that individual and their feelings, as the perpetrator moves on to another target.

Regardless of my interpretation, ‘Pretenders Shirt’ is a ripper and I’m very much eager to hear more from this tape. The track (and the forthcoming release, I’m assuming) was recorded by Billy Gardner and mixed and mastered by Mikey Young. Keep your ears to the ground for news come June.