One of Melbourne’s best (and most invigorating) proponents of goth-laced anarcho punk is about to embark on a big stint of activity. Masses is releasing a new self-titled EP today, which will be followed up quickly with a whirlwind European tour in June. It’s a very real pleasure to be able to present a first listen of the collection – a maelstrom of noise that delivers unto listeners a considered slice of melodic dexterity.

Today marks a new chapter in the book of Masses. Since originally emerging from the crypt in 2013, the band has been staking its claim as one of the finest goth-punk outfits in the nation. After a string of EPs and 2016’s full-length effort Moloch, Masses have united once more to consecrate a new unholy offering – a three-track, self-titled EP, which is being released today. The unit, which features Nellie Pearson and James Blake as dual vocalists (and synth player and guitarist, respectfully), Tessa Tribe on bass and Ashleigh Wyatt on drums, purposefully craft tunes that sway from despondent to furious to dance-positive, an enamouring mix that keeps one on their toes, so to speak.

In all things, progression and evolution is key. Here, Masses choose to get dirtier with the sound. The band leans harder into the anarchic power that they’ve had dalliances with. Masses choose to eviscerate pretence and go for the jugular, as evidenced by lead single ‘Worthy’. Where Moloch walked a fine line between a gothic moroseness and post-punk electricity, ‘Worthy’ seems to embrace the crunch, the grind, the bite and the pummel. Where Moloch chose to keep its cards close to the chest, this EP wastes no time revealing its hand. ‘Control’ and ‘Left Behind’ round out the trio, with the latter standing as the most new wave-influenced track of the release, yet still retains a manic frenzy that rattles around in the skull long after the song ends.

Listen for yourself:

This EP is being distributed through Lost in Fog Records in Australia and Symphony of Destruction Records in Europe. If you are in Melbourne on Saturday May 12, catch Masses launch the EP at One Year in Collingwood with support from Ausmuteants, Bitumen and The Faculty. Failing that, on May 26 Masses will be playing a farewell show before they travel to Europe at Woody’s Bar in Collingwood alongside Jonny Telafone, Infraghosts and Deep Red. European folk, Masses will be sweeping through with Mala Herba in tow. See all the dates here.