When incredible post-punk outfit Infinite Void called it quits in the middle of 2017, much ado was made about the future of the band’s final album, which was first said to be in the works at the end of 2016. Over time I think many came to accept that the album just wouldn’t see the light of day, despite the promise of the band’s recent split releases. Bands end, it’s a fact of life and dwelling on it solves nothing. Credit to Infinite Void, though – they made the record happen despite choosing to pull the plug. Some loose ends deserve tying up. Infinite Void’s final album Endless Waves has a release date, with the esteemed Black Wire Records team electing to push the record out on July 9.

Lead single ‘Dark Dreams’ is suitably melancholic – a perfectly balanced track that imbues Infinite Void’s knack for moody atmospherics and sharp melody. A weighty low end bass rumble is lathered with shimmering and glinting riffs that pierce the fog and build intensity. The breathy and wraith-like vocals are the icing on the cake, with world-weary evocations seemingly carrying the weight of numerous sleepless nights – beaten down but resonant until the final movement of the track when the vocals break shackles and soar. Keep in mind that is this track one. My mind yearns to know where the rabbit hole leads.

This record isn’t a resurrection tale. No phoenix will emerge from the band’s ashes. I doubt there will be a tour to celebrate. The book of Infinite Void is written but for this one final chapter. Despite its depressing finality, Endless Waves seems like it will be a fitting farewell to a much-loved entity.