Video Premiere: COOL SOUNDS – ‘GRUDGE’

Melbourne’s Cool Sounds are making moves. Less than a week on from the release of their latest EP Gristle, the group is dropping a fresh clip for standout track ‘Grudge’. Set to a backdrop of pristine Australian wine country, the track and its accompanying flick ruminates on past regrets, fresh starts and baptism by vino.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a vineyard. At this stage of my life wine tours still have certain ‘bougee’ connotations that don’t jive with my hard-bittin’, city-slickin’ façade. The honest truth is it sounds so fucking nice. Watching the clip for ‘Grudge’ by Cool Sounds does nothing to alleviate my desire to get day drunk out by the grapes, but there’s plenty of subtext in the song that at least distracts me from my wine-fuelled whims and gives food for thought.

‘Grudge’ is an unhurried affair, relishing in languid notes and placid pacing. It’s got a bit of an Australian twang, but it also boasts a soft veneer that really makes it a joy to listen to. The clip (masterminded by Rex Kane-Heart) is simple on the surface, but the way it was shot adds a beautiful visual aesthetic that warrants multiple viewings. The clip focuses on Cool Sounds ringleader Dainis Lacey as he takes in the serene surrounds of wine country, sipping on red and enjoying time away. It’s not long before the brain freaks out and the past Dainis is trying to ignore and the future he’s trying to outrun come into focus. At this point the clip links into the song’s thematic context – letting go of grudges and creating a clearer picture of what is wanted out of the future. Maybe the sojourn to countryside was beneficial after all. The clip ends with a baptism by wine and salt water at the beach at dusk. If you can think of a better way to commemorate a fresh start, I’d like to hear it.

Enough from me. Watch the dang clip here:

Cool Sounds – Grudge from Rex Kane-Hart on Vimeo.

Cool Sounds will be performing at The Fitzroy Pinnacle on Saturday April 21 in a joint launch with Lachlan Denton and Emma Russack.