Premiere: BABY BLUE – ‘I LIKE YOU’

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne’s Baby Blue has wasted no time in building anticipation for its forthcoming EP Do What You Like. Following on from a string of stellar singles,  Baby Blue is gifting the world a new track on Friday April 13 – ‘I Like You’. Tackling the most heartache-inducing aspects of affection (unrequited love), ‘I Like You’ is songwriter Rhea Caldwell’s ode to owning one’s feelings unashamedly, set to a backdrop of an emotionally charged dream-pop jangle.  

It’s always a swift kick to the heart when the person you dig doesn’t vibe on you the same way. Romance is all about taking your lumps and persevering until you pair with someone on your wavelength, but any time someone you crush on gives you a firm rebuff you can’t help but get a little bit down in your feelings. Baby Blue’s ‘I Like You’ picks at this never-quite-healed scab of tenderness and examines how our emotions are inherently irrational and how heart’s desire is nonsensical and random. The interesting and noteworthy tangent that songwriter Rhea Caldwell hones in on in this song is the unnecessary shame we experience when our feelings aren’t reciprocated, like how inside ourselves we feel the need to apologise for our feelings, regardless how easy we’ve been let down.

Set to a soulful and upbeat amalgam of doo-wop rhythm and woozy psych jangle, Rhea opens up about the conundrum, starting off with the nerve-wracked beginnings of the crush and then leading up to the realisation that it’s not going to pan out. Before she collapses in on herself (we’ve all shame spiraled at this point), Rhea does the smart thing and acknowledges her feelings are valid, despite not being reciprocated.

I don’t know why I like you this much, doesn’t make much sense.
Why do I have to apologise for being so intense

Listen for yourself:

Overall, ‘I Like You’ is an honest and refreshing take on what can often be an all-out cringe fest of feelings. The track is endlessly listenable, with a pristine sound and enough pep to break you out of a spell if you’re caught up in the post-crush crash.

Baby Blue’s EP, Do What You Like is out on June 1st. Catch the band play at The Tote in Melbourne on Friday April 13, and at the Northcote Social Club on May 4.


Image: Kristoffer Paulsen