Video Premiere: DIANAS – ‘LEAVE LOVE’

Melbourne trio Dianas follow up on the release of their incredible EP Leave Love with an equally as impressive video for the title track. The band has linked up with director Tom Mannion to create a stylish and sublimely edited clip that shows that a quality visual accompaniment can always enhance a song.

Much like the music they are constructed to accompany, video clips are extremely diverse. Depending on budget constraints, filmmaker expertise, time and, well, care factor, music videos can come in all shapes and sizes. Although some might say the heyday of music clips has come and gone, it’s always nice to see bands really putting in the effort to make something that not only looks nice when set to music, but adds something to the listening process. Melbourne’s Dianas have really done something cool with the clip for their latest single ‘Leave Love’.

The video for the track (which features on an EP of the same name released in late 2017) was shot on 16mm film over five days. This is important because a) shooting on film is expensive as fuck, and b) most clips that I have first-hand experience of wrap up filming in less time. ‘Leave Love’ is not a typical band video. There are no instruments being played, no story line to follow – just Dianas themselves, cutting shapes among various landscapes. The band worked with Zoe Marsh to choreograph said shapes, with sharp editing matching pose for pose across shots. What results is a mesmerising video that helps re-establish a standard of quality for Australian music videos – pairing imagination, style and dedication to create a clip I’m still thinking about days after seeing it. I’ve been showing it to my friends unprompted – that’s how much I like it.

The press material for the clip says it’s a labour of love, which I’d say is the key here. Why half-ass it? The song demanded something above and beyond – Dianas and the crew brought it. Watch it. Watch it now:

Dianas will be launching Leave Love at the Post Office Hotel tonight, Thursday March 29, alongside HEXDEBT. They’ll also be performing at By The Meadow Festival on April 6-8.