New Zealand emotive-punk duo Carb on Carb return with a blistering new track, news of a forthcoming album and Australian tour announcement. ‘It’s Been a Rough Year’ is a supportive call to those in the midst of trying times – mentally and emotionally. It’s a track imbued with warmth and compassion from a pair of artists who have seen some dark times themselves, and know that better times exist on the other side of the bad.

December 31st 2017 capped off another abysmal year. Most of the people you ask (that have even a shred of interest in the state of the world) would agree. I’m not going to get political on you, but by my reckoning the past two and a half years have been kind of ratshit. Come New Year’s Eve just gone, I’m pretty sure those that chose to reflect on the year that was (if only for a moment) realised there were a lot of things they were eager to see the back of. There’s been progress, but there have been costly missteps. And that’s not even taking into account everything that happens to us individually, such as depression, heartbreak, financial strife and general uncertainty. It had been a hell of a year – and not in a good way.

New Zealand power punk duo Carb on Carb sound like they’ve been through the ringer on their latest track – and the first single from their upcoming album For Ages – ‘It’s Been a Rough Year’. In case the name of the track still has you mystified, ‘It’s Been a Rough Year’ was penned by the band after an extended period of being put on the spin cycle, leaving them and their closest friends feeling taught, worn out and low. Carb on Carb have weaved this raw emotionality into a resolute anthem, even when the subject matter is rife with pain. In just under three minutes the duo ties together Nicole Gaffney’s warm power-punk riffs and James Stuteley’s punchy tub work with an affirming message of support. It’s heart on your sleeve stuff, earnest and filled with sincerity, encouraging and supportive, with enough energy to maybe even make you wanna move a little bit.

I’m struggling to find a way to succinctly give my thoughts on this without saturating it in hyperbole, but I think this is the kind of song that’s important to have these days. Listen to it and tell me it doesn’t make you feel a little bit better about life as it is for you currently.

In a time where younger generations are at war with their own thoughts, a song that simply says “Things are shit right now, but you can get through it” can make all the damn difference in the world. It’s okay to not be okay. It is okay to admit that you’re scared or in a bad place. It’s okay because there are lots of others going through it as well. What one must acknowledge in these periods of strife is that help is always at hand, and that you needn’t go through it alone. Carb on Carb is here, they know what’s going down. They’ve been there. They’ve got the scars to prove it. And hey, they reckon the fact you’re still standing is worth celebrating. As long as you are amenable to the idea of persevering and seeing what’s on the other side of the hell you’re in, things can get better.

I mean, I should really let the song speak for itself. It does it better than I can, really.

Power through this shit / give yourself credit / you’re still here / it’s been a rough year

Words to live by when times are at their toughest.

Surpass them all

Here are Carb on Carb’s upcoming tour dates along the east coast of Australia. No Brisbane date, but I’ll forgive them this time.

Wednesday 14 March – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Thursday 15 March – Yarra Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday 17 March – No Front Fences 2, Canberra
Sunday 18 March – House Show, Doonside
Wednesday 21 March – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Friday 23 March – Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney