Agitated Geelong outfit Vintage Crop are announcing its first full-length album through ANTI FADE Records, less than a year after first emerging with a tape release in 2017. We’re chuffed to give you a taste of what to expect with lead single ‘Gerald Part 2’, a punchy whirlwind of a track that fuses paranoia and frustration in equal measure.

There’s something in the water down Geelong way. I don’t know what it is, but the city consistently produces a distinct (and excellent) kind of discontented garage punk. A good portion of that is catalogued through Billy Gardener’s (Ausmuteants, The Living Eyes) incredible label, ANTI FADE Records, and he’s struck gold again with local crew Vintage Crop. This four-piece put out a tape entitled TV Organs last year, and are quick to strike while the proverbial iron is hot, upping the stakes slightly by shifting gears to a grittier sonic approach and a fuller sound, retaining that roughed-up aesthetic you get from recording live to tape. This is some no-frills fun right here, a great slice of grunt that packs a fair amount of malleability in the sound.

As for the thematic content of the track, well, I’d hazard a guess that Vintage Crop enjoys crafting tall tales of an idiosyncratic nature. Word is the album includes wild scenarios like close encounters with aliens, while ‘Gerald Part 2’ itself explores a complicated relationship with a contentious gremlin. Don’t that description put you off though; the track could just as easily apply to any scenario containing a combative individual. Ever had someone consistently and intentionally ruin your day? If you haven’t, there’s a chance you’re the one ruining things for others. For the rest of you, maybe this gremlin is the culprit. Anyway, cop this slice:

I know he’s coming for me / That gremlin with the allergies / Maybe some day I will be free

I could have missed the mark here, but I doubt Vintage Crop cares. What they’ve got on their hands is an immediate and noteworthy track that serves as a memorable introduction to their sound – a potent mix of harnessed turbulence and irreverent rambunctiousness. The album assuredly rips as well, so I’d pencil in a visit to ANTI FADE’s BandCamp on April 6 (or skip the bullshit and pre-order it here).

You can catch Vintage Crop at Jerkfest (if you already have a ticket, otherwise it’s sold out) and they’ll be launching this here single at The Post Office Hotel on March 16.