The ‘ting’ I heard when the e-mail announcing Totally Mild’s return was almost as joy inducing as their first album. The electronic correspondence relayed the news of a new album from the beloved group – Her, the band’s second album would be out next year through Chapter Music. Hearts flutter in excitement across Australia.

In addition to this announcement is a link to the band’s first single from Her – ‘Today Tonight’ – as well as an accompanying video. It’s a beautiful track, slightly more propulsive and driven than songs from the band’s first LP, Down Time. Though it’s a slightly punchier track, it touches on the notion of withdrawal, dependence, wants, needs, motivation and inactivity.

‘Today Tonight’ is quite simply a tale about passing time. Totally Mild’s singer Elizabeth Mitchell is relaying the malaise that set upon her during a period of unemployment. It’s a song that details the boredom she experienced and the depressive fog that crept in when she found herself whiling away the hours waiting for her girlfriend to get home every day. The fog is limiting – Elizabeth’s motivation is sapped and time is wasted despite her ready acknowledgement that she could be doing better. She could be more proactive. The solitude is a challenge, as much as she wishes it wasn’t.

Sitting in the house all day I wait for you to come home
I am strong and sensible, but I don’t want to be alone

There’s a dispirited nature to Elizabeth’s performance that adds weight to the conceptual placement of ‘Today Tonight’, bringing a familiarity to anyone who has struggled with a loss of momentum in their twenties. The song ends on a high note though, as we see Elizabeth taking some solid steps forward, toward a better routine, a constructive approach to living.

Today I got it right for the first time in a while
Saw some friends and went outside

There’s always progress to be made, even if you think you’ve got your shit together. Those of you going through a period of malaise will find this track relatable, but note that the path to improvement can be found within. We’ve all gotta keep moving forward, though. Whatever it takes.