Weirdo Wasteland is stoked to premiere a new track from Melbourne punk trio Piss Factory. ‘The Day After The Night Before’ is the first glimpse of the band’s forthcoming EP, which features a collection of driving compositions that encapsulate the duality of life in Victoria’s capitol – equal parts romantic, delirious, and disenchanting.


For the uninitiated, the genesis of Piss Factory took place back in the heady days of 2013 when singer and songwriter Scout Albertine (The Cult .45s) started penning tracks about the world as she saw it. Piss Factory’s brand of narrative-focused punk and conceptual groundwork was formed through the creation of a string of EPs and ‘zines, but Scout’s relocation from Sydney to Melbourne and the additions of drummer Bianca Martin (The Girl Fridas) and bassist Thomas Blatchford (Made Austria) helped take the project from a lo-fi bedroom-based solo offering to a dynamic and forceful unit, capable of expanding upon its core tenets.

Piss Factory is on the verge of releasing a new EP through emerging label Psychic Hysteria, and is today giving fans and newcomers a taste with the first track ‘The Day After The Night Before’. Anyone familiar with Piss Factory’s earlier releases will notice a marked difference in sound, with the arrival of Bianca and Tom seeing the drum machine put aside in favour of the real deal, as well as an increase in recording quality. Despite the fleshed-out production values, Piss Factory’s latest songs are imbued with the same detailed storytelling and dishevelled aesthetics of Scout’s earliest work. This is simply a vision fully realised – the natural evolution of sound that showcases the dynamic potential of a songwriter who has been steadily working up to this point. Such a jump is a milestone moment, but any trepidation towards newness on behalf of songwriter or listener should be laid aside – this song (and the entire EP, for that matter) absolutely cranks.

‘The Day After The Night Before’ kicks off with a thick low-end rumble, a propulsive and muddy bass line that carries weight – an attention-grabbing opener if I ever heard one. Scout’s scrappy guitars enter the mix and the engine comes to life – a pronounced revving and the wheels are put in motion. Over the din Scout details oppressively hot days and still nights, strangers in your space and unreal days. It’s a blistering opening for an EP that features touches on topics like unrequited love, creative motivation versus existential dread and valid criticisms of the male-dominated rock scene.

Listen to ‘The Day After The Night Before’ below, then check the Psychic Hysteria and Piss Factory BandCamp pages for EP pre-order details. The EP will be launched in Melbourne at The Grace Darling Hotel on October 21, with supports from Plaster of Paris, Pearl Bay, Wars and more.

Cover artwork by Rachel Button. Banner image shot  by Kalindy Williams.