Unheard material from Twerps is always a big deal, but this time the song itself sits second in priority to the project that is responsible for putting it forth. ‘It’s Time’ is the first track in a mixtape compilation called Thirty Days of Yes, a collection of songs collated and released as a response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

It’s a trying time for Australia – most particularly for those in the LGBTQI+ community whose basic rights have been ignored for decades. The implementation of a postal survey (that is not legally binding) to see whether Australians believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry is laughable in its absurdity and deplorable in its cruelty. It has unleashed the worst in those that deem members of the LGBTQI+ community to be undeserving of the same rights as the privileged majority, and threatens to set back the cause of same-sex marriage for years if a ‘No’ result is revealed. 

Thirty Days of Yes is a compilation that aims to drive home the ‘Yes’ message, showing support for the LGBTQI+ community, particularly its young members who aren’t afforded the ability to voice their opinions. All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to Minus18 and Twenty10 – both youth-oriented LGBTQI+ organisations.

Any long-time reader of Weirdo Wasteland knows that this is a cause we’d support. It’s a no-brainer. Equal rights should apply to everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference or gender. Love is love – there’s nothing else that needs to be said. What about the song? It’s Twerps. It’s worth listening to, absolutely. There will undoubtedly be other incredible songs on this compilation, but it’s probably no coincidence that the first track is call ‘It’s Time’. It sure as shit is – it’s past time. It’s time to recognise the appalling treatment of some of the most beautiful humans in our greater community, and enact positive change to actualise a better world. If this compilation helps further that cause even slightly, then it’s the most important music you’ll listen to this year.

Thirty Days of Yes will feature tracks from the likes of Beaches, Body Type, Cub Sport, Courtney Barnett, DARTS, Jen Cloher, Jess Ribeiro, Laura Jean, Marcus Whale, Sui Zhen, The Murlocs, Terry and Two Steps on the Water and more. Participating labels include Aarght Records, Chapter Music, Flightless, Good Manners, Inertia Music, Milk! Records, Remote Control Records, Rice Is Nice Records, Spunk Records and others.