Words: James Frostick

Noisy Adelaide four-piece Siamese are unveiling their new single ‘Scatterbrain’, a potent track that evokes the cluttered nature of being absent minded but also pairs the sentiment with a textured, attention-grabbing musical composition.

Being called scatterbrained is rarely a term of endearment. It signifies an inability to be attentive, be in the moment, and be present – something that ultimately affects the sufferer more than anyone else. Whether it’s the booze, drugs, the lingering presence of an infatuation (scorned or otherwise), terrible news (maybe even good news), or merely boredom – being distracted can be a result of many things, and there’s no one way to snap out of it. Adelaide’s Siamese has released a new single, fittingly called ‘Scatterbrain’, which is a track that thematically tackles the idea of being in another head space, but does it in a way that holds your attention with some potent musical forcefulness.

‘Scatterbrain’ walks gamely along the line between gritty garage and full-blown noise, putting forth wave after wave of sound that works a treat when you need to blow cobwebs out of your brain. It’s hard to make out the purposefully obscured vocals – they could be intentionally nonsensical for all I can decipher. It’s slurred and hoarse (it suits the track), and I think I can make out phrases indicating worry – about the doldrums of suburban living, the state of society as it stands in 2017 and what life holds, perhaps.  All I know is the sentiments here are hard to grasp, much like simple tasks when one is distracted. ‘Scatterbrain’ is a great example of a song embodying its concept in theme and execution.

One thing I’m pretty sure I hear is ‘I don’t care’, repeated over and over towards the end of the song, perhaps indicating that there’s a certain resignation inherent in being muddled, distracted, out of sorts. Maybe time will clear it up, but until it does, blasting this song certainly helped snap me out of a mental funk. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Siamese is also going on tour this month! Here are the dates and venues:

Aug 25 – Sydney, NSW – Lady Hampshire
Aug 26 – Wollongong, NSW – Rad Bar
Aug 27 – Brisbane, QLD – Against the Grain Festival
Sept 15 – Ballarat, VIC – Karova Lounge
Sept 16 – Melbourne, VIC – Poison City Weekender Festival @ The Tote
Oct 13 – Adelaide, SA – Crown and Anchor