Words: James Frostick
Image: Stacey Zalomski

The newest track from Melbourne’s Maureen is an ode to the power and life-giving energy of true friendship. It’s an energetic track that hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to concept and execution.

There is no force quite like friendship. It can bring warmth-giving comfort and it can be strengthening pillar. A friendship can be a life preserver when you are caught up in the choppy seas of the day-to-day. Perhaps second to only a ‘true love’ (some of you might not be that close to your family ), a strong friendship is one of the most fulfilling and affirming relationships one can experience. I don’t want to rattle on about how good mates are, but seriously – how good are mates? The newest track from Melbourne band Maureen celebrates friendship – particularly the friendship between women – and how even when separated by oceans and time zones, some friendships can  be a safe haven when the torrents of life and love threaten to sweep you away.

The track is a punchy slice of energetic garage pop; it’s fun and full of life, which is what I want these days. The guitars intersect and play off each other, buoyed by a thick-sounding rhythm section, but it’s the lyrics and the message they convey that makes this track a joy for me. It’s about a real-life  friendship between Maureen’s bassist Camila and her friend Christina (Yep, the Christina! The one in the title!) and the friendship that blossomed when they met in Los Angeles. Although Camila has since moved back to Australia, there is a bridge crossing oceans that tethers the individuals together and keeps them linked, in contact, in reach. Lyrically, the song reminisces about the times spent together cruising around LA and an affirmation of their friendship, its strength and enduring influence it will have on them through the bad times and the good. Here’s an example:

I’m sorry that he slept around / and I’m sorry about the way you found out / But Christina no one could come between us / Oh Christina, no one could come between us

Sometimes when life is shit that’s all you need to hear. I also love this fragment:

We got the will in us and / when life is getting tough we / send each other gifs and memes / and talk about life in the movies

If that doesn’t concisely sum up modern friendship then I don’t really know what does. There’s obviously more to being friends than just sending gifs and memes – friendship is being able to talk about everything that’s weighing on your mind or not talking about anything of consequence at all.It shows that friendships are worth treasuring. Friendships are worth working on and maintaining. Friendships can be what keeps you going when you just can’t. If you agree, let your friends know. Send them this song, even if the lyrical context and situational specifics don’t align neatly – it says everything it needs to, which is what a good song does.

Maureen is releasing its EP in August. Keep your ears out for it.