Melbourne’s The Harpoons have made a career out of dissecting the ins-and-outs of modern romance. The heartaches, the heartbreaks, overt displays of affection and the things that are left unsaid – the tango of love is an incredibly complex dance, but through their brand of effortlessly groovy RnB The Harpoons craftily break love down into simple concepts, focusing on certain elements and transforming them into fodder for hits.

‘Do You Want My Love’ is the newest number to come from the four-piece, indicating that we are on the cusp of the new record from The Harpoons (reportedly called Amaro), the follow-up to their incredible debut LP Falling For You. Before I get to the new track though, I’m gonna back peddle. Back in 2015 the group released a track called ‘Ready For Your Love’ and I was sceptical about how much the concept of love could be mined for new material, especially after an album where love was the governing theme. Well, if generations of pop songwriting indicates anything, it’s that there will always be plenty of material to source as far as love in concerned. Love is a wellspring of emotion that will probably never run dry, so I feel bad for chastising a band that communicates the particulars of love better than most.


‘Do You Want My Love’ tackles that tricky moment when you realise the love you are ready to give will not be reciprocated. You’ve given all the signs, perhaps even been honest and forthcoming about your feelings, but there’s only hesitation coming from the other end. Shit sucks, but it happens. Despite being hit with waves of ‘feelings’, there comes a time where you have to ask, “Are you in, or are you out?” The answer is terrifying either way, but you know it’s what it takes. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between ‘Ready For Your Love’ and ‘Do You Want My Love’ – something akin to the back and forth between halves, or the uncertainty that plagues us all when it comes to rendering ourselves vulnerable to another. We don’t always know what’s best for us, and the indecision of others is something we can’t always control. All you can do sometimes is put your cards on the table, be direct, own your emotions and put yourself forward. If you crash out then move along to the beat of some 90s reminiscent RnB – just like the kind made by The Harpoons. Like the kind evidenced by ‘Do You Want My Love’. At least you know when it comes to the land of love, there’s no doubt they know the topography better than anyone.