Big news came through the wire last week for all fans of Brisbane-born experimental music. The dynamic four-piece FOREVR officially announced its forthcoming long-form (and long-awaited) release. The devotees of emotion-laden drone revealed plans for an official release on Friday August 11 consisting of two LPs – titled Death is a miracle and Classics, respectively. The gutsy move will see the band’s expansive sound spread across two discs, each consisting on nine tracks. Death is a miracle is reportedly more dance-oriented of the two, and will feature the previously released track ‘Petrichor’, while Classics follows the rabbit hole deeper into shoegaze-laced introspection and also features FOREVR’s newest tune, ‘Columbus’.

‘Columbus’ sees the band shift gears from the glitch-glitz of ‘Petrichor’ – smoothing a few edges and letting colour seep outside and mix outside of the confines of rigid boundaries. Across five luscious minutes, FOREVR’s separate parts coalesce and blend to create a textured whole, engineered to convey the story of a freak Tornado that tore apart a prom. Yeah, for real. Beauty and debris – two words that accurately convey the separate halves of FOREVR’s sound. ‘Columbus’ brings in a host of elements – chime-like percussion, electro-industrial touches and misty dream-like wooziness – to ensnare and hook and they are only getting better at engineering vibe. Around the three-minute mark the intensity is raised, but never enough to eclipse the soporific vocals or overall hypnotic aesthetic that they’ve become so good at crafting.

We’re tantalisingly close to seeing FOREVR move from being a group of upstarts with an eclectic collection of gems to a formidable powerhouse of noise with a substantial back catalogue. Come August we’ll be inundated with new music and I’m prepared to ride the relentless torrent wherever it chooses to take me.

Watch the accompanying video for ‘Comubus’ by Mia Forrest here.

Image credit: Luke Henery