Like clockwork.

In life, few things are guaranteed – death, taxes and a new album from The Ocean Party every year. That third tradition might only be a half-decade old, but so far the band’s consistency of output is without parallel (unless you count King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, but TOP’s less-frenetic approach appeals to me a little bit more). Much like this time last year, The Ocean Party is kicking off its annual album cycle with a single and a tour announce. ‘More To Run’ is the first tune to bless our ears from the forthcoming LP Beauty Point, and it is a quintessential slice of The Ocean Party’s airy and contemplative style. You could call the vibe carefree if you only take in the surface-level details, but anyone that has dug deep in The Ocean Party’s back catalogue knows that the band is rarely without care as far as lyrical sentiments are concerned.

‘More To Run’ places us in the midst of some inner turmoil – a swirling maelstrom of self-doubt and mental malaise. The edges of the psyche are fraying, cracks are starting to appear and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up appearances. This track doesn’t go into specifics – there’s no exact issue at hand to provide contextual purchase, but that’s all for the better. The sentiments are relatable and communicated in a way that we can all place ourselves in this position of strife. Take the opening line for example:

I went to bed with a racing mind / told myself it’d all be fine / but when I woke up my head still span / the same thoughts again and again and again

I don’t know what’s on The Ocean Party’s mind here, but I sure as shit know the feeling they are describing. I’m pretty sure you do too. I guess ‘More To Run’ is about needing more out of life in order to feel like it’s worth it. The dross keeps piling up and it’s getting harder and harder to clear it out – at some point we need something else to ease the load, the weight on our shoulders, the constant pressure on our mind.

I have to believe in more than myself to keep hanging on
I have to be more conscious of my health; I and I can’t wait too long.

Don’t let the buoyant music fool you –‘ More To Run’ is far from carefree.

Beauty Point will be released on August 18 through Spunk Records in Australia and Emotional Response in the United States. The band is also embarking on a national tour to support the release – you can find the details here.