This week is set to be a big one for Ballarat’s Hollow Everdaze. Friday June 23 marks the release of their new album Cartoons, which is a naturally an important milestone. The record has huge promise if the singles released so far are any indication and the titular ‘Cartoons’ provides the greatest evidence of this trend to date. A shimmering, psychedelic-tinged opus, ‘Cartoons’ showcases the band at its full volitant majesty, full of languid cool and unearthly insight.

‘Cartoons’ quickly fills up head-space with piercing guitars tempered by iridescent synth progressions, which then make way for a melodic medley of buoyant licks and sharp rhythms as the tune furthers itself. The track hits pleasure centres and alters moods like an upper in aural form. It’s a very easy listen, making its four-minute-and-fifty-second runtime seem to pass in an instant. There’s depth in the lyrics pertaining to what I gather a conflict of emotions, a reconciling of the self – something worth exploring further.

If this sounds like your kind of bag, Cartoons will be ushered forth into the world through Deaf Ambitions on Friday.