There are cobwebs in my head and there is dust accumulating in the creases of my brain. Call it a seasonal malaise (I genuinely prefer winter, though) or maybe I’m having one of those weeks; there is an undeniable urge to do some cleaning up. Sometimes the best way to blow the garbage out of the brain is with a dose of forceful dissonance – something with enough gust to reach the recesses and blow the debris out of my ears. Brisbane’s Deafcult crafts that kind of gale-force reverberation that hits the sweet spot – a harmonious row that makes you forget about everything else in the wake of a guitar-driven onslaught.

Deafcult’s newest jam ‘Summertime’ comes from the band’s forthcoming debut album AURAS, the follow-up record to 2015’s self-titled mini-album. The song is full of heady nostalgia that pulls on the heartstrings of the starry eyed youth that’s in all of us. It tastes of life-giving breezes, hopes, dreams, desires, failures, heartbreak, new beginnings, premature endings, the idea of forever and realising nothing actually lasts forever. ‘Summertime’ is one of those tracks that takes you out of your own head and places you somewhere else. Maybe it takes you back to a sweet part of your past or crafts visions of a sweeter future. Maybe it drags up feelings that make your chest ache and heart yearn. Maybe either option is good for you. Like summer, nothing sticks around forever. But thank fuck that songs like this one stick around for when you need to get your mind off that fact.

Look for AURAS at the end of June.