The newest name in the weirder spectrum of pop is one that’s not actually hard to pronounce, no matter what the peculiar spelling indicates. Blyolk – pronounced Bloke – is the moniker of Melbourne artist Bastian Chesney, who fashions alt-electro-pop out of propulsive beats and layers lush sonic textures. Today marks the arrival of blyolk’s new single ‘Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breathe Youth’, which Weirdo Wasteland is more than chuffed to be able to premiere.

‘Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breathe Youth’ delves into the mind state of an individual extracting themselves from an abusive relationship – a torrid and tumultuous time that has left one brittle and doubtful of their own worth. This is not about any ordinary heartbreak; this song is an ode the dark period before you begin sweeping up the disparate shards of the heart into a dustpan and painstakingly start piecing it together with tweezers and glue. Blyolk pulls back the skin and reveals a glimpse at the brain after it has been scrambled and blistered. He touches on the necessity of support networks and friends, even though their advice seems unheeded at the time. The song’s key phrase says it all:

How can you say you love yourself when you really want to scream”

This song is about rediscovering worth when everything that you thought you were and had has been stripped from you and the abject emptiness feeling that follows. It’s not all hopeless, though – blyolk’s production gives off an aura of determination and strength, which are two qualities much needed in scenarios such as this.

The song kicks off with a driven pavement pounder of a beat, something that escalates the pulse and promises the arrival of something new and exciting. Everything then progresses to a harmonious medley of soundscapes, overlaid with blyolk’s vocals. Blyolk is new and exciting, and this song seems like a great entry point for anyone that hasn’t yet encountered his music. The use of layers and loops gives off a full sound – part psychedelia, part RnB and part lo-fi synthesised experimentation.  The work and thought put into getting it to sound just right is evident. I’ve seen blyolk play live, and even though his career is in its infancy his relatively fearless composure on stage and the assuredness of his sound points his career trajectory sky high.

Listen to the song here:

Blyolk is performing a series of shows to support the release of ‘Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breathe Youth’. Find out more details here.

Banner image: Briana Davis