I only recently came across this piece of gorgeous, fuzzed-out alternative pop gem from Melbourne’s Hearing, and more the shame for me as it seems I don’t have my finger on the pulse after all. ‘Two Girls’ is a song that really activates my almonds – it’s hypnotic and meditative and engrossing and powerful and melancholic and joy inducing in its composure. It’s an unexpectedly winsome song that pairs a slumberous and drowsy chug with twang and vocalisations saturated in compathy. Forgive the wordy excessiveness – it’s just that this song could be on repeat for an hour and I’d be giddy all damn sixty minutes.

To me, ‘Two Girls’ seems to dissect familial tensions between parent and child and the effect this has on the attitudes of the next generation – especially when it comes to raising a child of their own. From my listening, the song seems to be about wrongs done by parental figures and the mistakes we swear we’ll never make when our turn comes. It’s about how one is raised heavily influencing who they are going to be and the hard-to-discern line between nature and nurture. It’s about some of the most important relationships in our lives. Two girls, mother and daughter. Two boys, father and son.

A lyrical example to chew on:

My mumma raised a fool / but I won’t do that to you / you’ll be the little thing I grew / my little baby please don’t grow up to hate me

This song could also be about good intentions and how sometimes they don’t get you very far. I could, as always, possibly be wrong.

‘Two Girls’ will feature on an upcoming album by Hearing, to be released through Bank Records.