I think once you get to a certain age the weekend ritual of hitting the town gets stale. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice to blow off some steam over a drink or two, but the binge certainly has its downsides as you progress through the years. The youthful abandon you once boasted has faded – you’re somewhat jaded, but no one else seems to be and that’s equal parts strange and annoying. Terry’s new track ‘Take Me To The City’ takes a look and the inane and frivolous nature of the search for a ‘good time’ – the bright lights, the ‘glamour’ of the inner city, the strangers, the connections, the thrill of cutting loose. Terry reckons there’s nothing to it, nothing in it. Not anymore, anyway.

The boot-scooting musicians bring a down-tempo plod to the table with this track. The dual vocal harmonies of Amy Hill and Xanthe Waite almost seeming bored the by proposition of heading downtown, and seem even more nonplussed by the attitude of those that chase the fun like moths flapping toward a flame. The chorus encapsulates the quandary perfectly, repetitively sighing at the inconsequential conversations of Terry’s peers.

Because all they talk about (repeated) / take me to the city / let’s dance / that’s all

This is followed by musings on “silly boys harping on about who knows what”, fast cars, shit bars, dice spinning, no one winning and all the bullshit in between. There’s more to life than the party and there’s more to a party than the shallow thrills. Give Terry a drink, some good conversation and maybe something to tap their feet along to and you can keep the glitzy shit – most of it is fake, and fake is no way to be.

The song comes with a clip, which you can watch here. ‘Take Me To The City’ will be on Terry’s forthcoming album Remember Terry, out on June 30 through UK label Upset The Rhythm.