TMI alert – I’ve been trying my hand at portion control lately. It’s not exactly something I ever envisioned myself doing (and I haven’t been overly successful so far), but for some habits to die hard you have to resort to extreme measures. The act of limiting yourself and showing restraint is something that I’d imagine would apply to musicians as well. Say you’ve worked hard to put together a collection of music that you are happy with, and all you want to do is let the world feast but for one reason or another you cant. You gotta give it to them slowly, in portions – enough to give the people a taste but also enough to keep them hungry. This aspect of the biz probably has no bearing on why Sachet named its debut LP Portion Control, but the band’s music is a great display is aural restraint.

The first song to be plucked from Portion Control – ‘Melted Wires’ – is a buzzing and propulsive track of guitar-driven music. The band keeps things tight, reigned in but precise in execution. The Sydney four-piece (which features members of Day Ravies) is kicking off the roll out of the album in a suitably catchy style – this track is an ear-worm, as in it’s really good even when replaying in your head for the umpteenth time. It’s like your required percentage of protein, fruit and veg – it’s got everything you need to be sustained. I can’t be certain, but there seems to be an element of unfulfillment versus contentment in the lyrics – of differing opinions and expectations.

What did I tell you about expensive things / I was just as happy with the counterfeits

Perhaps wires are getting crossed, sparking and then melting as alternating currents collide, like two people on different wavelengths. Like I said, can’t be certain. My hearing isn’t sharp enough this time around. I want more of this, but as a commitment to my need for restraint I’ll content myself to wait as patiently as possible for Portion Control’s release in August through Strange Pursuits.


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