When things fall apart in life, wishing you could disappear is a great (albeit temporary and unfeasible) method of escapism. Imagine if you could clean the slate – remove all regrets and start fresh. It’s nice to think about, right? Inner turmoil is stripped away in the face of anonymity – you are free to begin again. My daydream ends when my mind manages to convince me that I’d probably only make the same mistakes again. Figures.

Melbourne group The Stevens has returned with a take on such a conundrum through the buzzing embrace of ‘Chancer’ – the first piece of music from their forthcoming album Good. Here guitarist and singer Travis MacDonald finds himself at wit’s end, caught in a seemingly interminable relationship – one that is crumbling and disintegrating slowly but undeniably. Throughout ‘Chancer’ Travis expresses a desire to become a stranger to his partner, in part as a way to wishing that the relationship would end but also as a fancy to see if things would be different had both halves united under different circumstances.

Give me a chance to be forgotten / I want to know if you’ll be pleased to meet me

People change, especially over the course of long relationships. Would there still be an attraction present if a doomed couple met a few years further in to their respective journeys? Probably not, but it’s some moreish food for thought. ‘Chancer’ has a feeling of resignation running throughout – Travis knows that nothing would change if he and his partner happened to meet again as strangers and, as sad as it is to admit it, there’s no point holding on. It’s better that this one ends. On the bright side, you’ll be a stranger to whoever comes next. That’s a silver lining, at least.

Good will be released through the esteemed label Chapter Music in July.