It’s been a little bit of time between releases for Dianas, but it seems that the dream-pop outfit hasn’t been idle. The wheels recently kicked into motion for another release cycle as evidenced by ‘Heart Of Me’ – a gorgeous example of harmonious poise. Moving pieces click together seamlessly and individual elements combine for a bewitching and reverie-inducing beauty – something that Dianas has always done well in the past but absolutely nail here.

Bridging elements of surf-psych, hallucinatory dreaminess and incorporeal delicacy, ‘Heart Of Me’ communicates a certain breathless wonder – kind of like when one is viewing a stunning vista from a great height. In this instance, the awe is directed at a target of deep romantic interest (or obsession) – a person that forces you to forget yourself for an instant whose presence lingers in your psyche long afterwards. Thoughts of them are unshakeable, which is okay because you wouldn’t want to shake them, even if you could (hopeless romantics that fall easily can relate). That buzz of early desire is ever present in ‘Heart Of Me’, though it’s not entirely clear of the feeling is reciprocated. For now though, feeling as if the world is ‘lit up in neon lights’ when your crush is around is too easily relatable. Your emotions betray you and you find yourself scrambling for composure in the face an all-encompassing infatuation. Breathless, energised and untogether – ‘Heart Of Me’ communicates the dissonance of the heart sublimely.

You are always in my mind / a shadow I’m lost in behind

Well put, Dianas. Very well put.