It’s not often that a bit of country twang graces the pixels of this here corner of the web, but it’s also not often that someone like Spike Fuck comes along. One of the most engaging and ostensibly earnest musicians currently active, Spike Fuck is being heralded as one of the current wave of acts that is (purposefully or unconsciously) challenging the inveterate dominance of masculinity over femininity and minority. Far from combative, Spike Fuck’s music is vulnerable and sincere – portraying her inner neuroses and complexities through alternatively punchy and languid compositions. Previous tracks have followed a synthy, post-punk aesthetic, but there have always been undertones of honest-to-goodness country music sprinkled through Spike Fuck’s work. This new single – ‘Suicide Party’ – offers it up in spades and damn if it isn’t the most exemplary and touching piece of plunk-punk that I’ve heard in a gosh-darn long time.

‘Suicide Party’ is about the search for good times – lost or never experienced. It’s about giving apologies to past lovers and failed connections. It’s about the uncertainty of intimacy. It’s about escaping – cutting ties and venturing forth with only yourself to  rely on. It’s about giving in and pursuing a tremulous relationship experienced between you and another. It’s about pushing through the shit and the dross-filled days. It’s about the prayers ushered up to the celestial bodies requesting just one fucking break. It’s about hope too – seizing it where it comes and cherishing the moments where things seem okay.

There’s so much here to tuck into, so much open for interpretation. At the end of the day the key thing I must say is that it’s just a great ol’ heartbreaking, honky-tonk tune. It’s something I’m not hearing in many other places, and it’s something that I want more of. ‘Suicide Party’ is going to be on a new EP (called Greatest Hits – love it) out mid-year. Dave O’Connor has provided production and arrangement assistance on this track, backing vocals from Elyse Beer and Clare Nica and pedal-steel guitar has been laid down by Graham Lee of The Triffids.

An advocate of self-care and looking after others, Spike Fuck suggests listeners going through hard times reach out to Suicide Prevention Australia and Communities Matter.