Catching a Rebel Yell show in person is an enlivening experience. A solitary figure (that figure being Brisbane’s Grace Stevenson) stands alone on a stage (or a floor, or any space), offering discombobulated mantras while synthetic instruments crank out a bracing medley of inorganic sounds that stagger. Rebel Yell’s 2016 EP Mother of Millions was a great display of maximalist industrial, and her follow up track ‘High Authority’ keeps the momentum going at a brisk pace.

‘High Authority’ is a direct and impressive track that wastes little time on niceties. It places Grace’s voice atop a pile of impenetrable sound that oscillates from subterranean dance groove to unrelenting military march (“I’m the boss”, Grace chants. I believe her.). It’s formidable and unyielding, not for the feint of heart but rewarding for those that choose to immerse themselves in the clanging rhythm. ‘High Authority’ looks to be as much of a fortifying ingredient in Rebel Yell’s live sets as the rest of her catalogue to date. I’m very jazzed about it.