I am not your oracle / Nor am I your seer / I am your reflection / I am what you choose to hear

Thus reads the key lyrical fragment of ‘Page of Pentacles’ from HEX – a Wellington trio that struts around in the dimly-lit dark like each of its members were born in shadow. Walking the line between pagan-psych, heavy rock, metal and punk, HEX summons maelstroms of noise that bruise and knock and unseat the unprepared. ‘Page of Pentacles’ is a pristine example of such force – pairing an unrelenting wave of power-dissonance with undeniable rhythmic liveliness. It’s got the throb and pulse of unholy life. It’s got the heat and spark of balefire, which serves to cast more flickering shadows on the walls.

The song sounds like the aftermath of a ritual gone wrong (or right, depending on who you ask). Hell has broken loose and things are far out of hand. Convinced by the voice in your ear (devil on your shoulder) an entity has sprung forth – one that embodies not the holy saviour you imagined, but a malevolent spirit of impulse and desire that you secretly admire. ‘Page of Pentalces’ positions HEX as a harbinger of desire. A concept and embodiment of emotion that is grotesque and confronting but still inherently and honestly human. Here is a spirit to free the shackles, urging to you fess up to yourself and indulge in what makes you, well, you. It’s a hell of a party if you’ve got the stones for it.

HEX – that is the trio of Liz Mathews and GG and Kiki Van Newtown – will be touring Australia throughout April. Catch the band at the following:

Monday 17 – Northcote Social Club w/ Terry and Swim Team
Tuesday 18 – Tom Tom Tuesday at Howler w/ Two Steps On The Water and Placeholder
Thursday 20 – The Tote
Friday 21 – Yah Yahs 2AM
Saturday 22 – The Eastern (Ballarat)
Monday 24 – Mundane Mondays at Old Bar
Tuesday 25 – Make It Up Club w/ All Seeing Hand (NZ)

Wednesday 26 – tbc w/ Kitchen’s Floor and Clever

Saturday 29 – The Townie w/ Sounds Like Winter